Friday, 2 September 2011

Promotion Bioparc September 2011 in Valencia

 From day 1 to September 30 all tickets Bioparc will be priced at child: 16 euros. This promotion is aimed at the daily entry that currently has a price of 21.50 euros for adults. Participate in a savings after spending the holidays and also a chance to take the time to relax with family before resuming daily rhythm.
In turn, all people who come to visit Bioparc at this time, will also benefit when buying a ticket Berde! or annual pass, since the output can be redeemed the day entry to return for one year by paying only the difference.

This is a great time to visit Bioparc and approach to meet the numerous offspring of different species were born during the spring and summer. These include the little giraffe Afrika, born in July, newly "baptized" by the Internet in August, which we see running across the savannah and playing with other juveniles such as Tumai or Bulería. On the same sheet we also see a hyena breeding and small lioness plays endlessly with his parents. And in Madagascar, lemurs and explore the little island hopping all the trees, under the watchful eyes of children and adults.

Lieu: Bioparc Valencia
Date: From 1 to 30 September 2011

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