Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bonfire of Sant Antonio Abat in Canals

 Sunday January 16, 2011

8:00h - "Despertá" by theparticipants
9:30h - " Cavalgata" of children announcing the festivities
11:00h - At the Casa de la Vila, a greeting to the parties by the participant of Gracia.
Below we receive the flag of Sant Antoni and the first Vitol.
12:00h - In the parish church, offering Mass in honor of the saint
16:30h - In the "Gran Casino" presentation of the participants of Sant Antonio for 2012
17:00h - "Cavalgata" pits
20:30h - In the parish church, solemn vespers
21:00h - "Cremá" bonfire in honor of Sant Antoni Abat

23:00h - Gala Dinner the night of the bonfire in the Pavellón Municipal, entertained by the band "La Tribu"

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