Monday, 31 January 2011

JuJa ¡Sub-champs of Humor! Flumen Theatre in Valencia

"Laughter denotes critical thinking, imagination, intelligence, away from fanaticism. On the scale of human evolution, Homo Laugh is without doubt the most subtle, most difficult to subdue, to deceive. "Dario Fo.
JU JA proposes in its current issue, an experiment Funnysocioculturalscientific ... Well, the joke ... do not panic anyone. They used the black humor, gray, humor yellow, green, humor red, even blue. On stage and JA JU doctors, will evolve to the viewer-Sapiens Sapiens Homo Vulgaris to the last link of human beings: the HOMO Laugh.
Homo Laugh's free! Learn to laugh at your past, yourself. Laugh while you can. Tele-hilarius. And most importantly, only if you laugh funny.

Venue: Teatro Flumen Valencia
Date: 4 and 5 February 2011
Price: 10 €
Hours: 23:00 h

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