Friday, 28 January 2011

The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie in the Olympia Theater Valencia

We wanted in this new version of The Mousetrap, the most famous of the works written by Agatha Christie, noted that although classical conception, the work force has a background that speaks to current issues and absolutely terrible.
To present a current public as a work of classical references, had to consider the style and theatrical language with which we wanted to retell the story. So we've gone back to the romantic references to the public identifies these stories and the visual world in which they develop. From the classic film about the writer's novels were made (Death On The Nile, Murder On The Orient Express ...) and were staged by the most famous actors of the era, by extension, other references to romantic thrillers with maximum expression in works such as Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca and William Wyler's Wuthering Heights.

The aim of the creative team of the new version of The Mousetrap, was to present these classic references in a contemporary way. Retell the story through a classical and theatrical language where new trends walked hand in hand for the public as usual and a new work to enjoy more success in the history of theater as if it premiered the first time today.

Venue: Olympia Theater Valencia
Dates: 3 to 20 February.
Price: 19-25 €

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