Friday, 14 January 2011

Tanned Tin Festival Castellon 2011

The Tanned Tin is the ultimate winter festival, the first with a success and continuity that lasts more than a decade, always independent in making your poster and with no other interest than the artistic. Poses a unique (the Teatre Principal) where you can listen to music with unmatched quality and convenience of a campus atmosphere. And as an extra point, the closeness that show the artists that blend quite naturally with the audience that attends the event. 
Maintains its philosophy of presenting a full lineup of future stars of the indie scene, names now may not sound like much of the public and press but in a few months will be the stars of the big festivals. Having served in the Tanned Tin where the likes of Antony & the Johnsons, Deerhunter, Okkervil River, Final Fantasy, Deertick, Beach House, The Decemberists, Xiu Xiu, Animal Collective, CocoRosie, or M. Ward took the first concerts in our country. 
The Tanned Tin festival is a small format, focusing on quality (not quantity), where the action never overlap. 
Schedule of performances:

Wednesday, January 26 
Room Four Seasons - Partyt of presentation. Entry: 10
00:00 h      David Tattersall (The Wave Pictures)
00:00 h      Stanley Brinks & Freschard
00:00 h      The Wowz
Thursday, January 27 
Theater Principal. Entry: 50
00:00 h      Thurston Moore     
00:00 h      The Young Gods     
00:00 h      El Hijo     
00:00 h      The Clientele     
00:00 h      Blaine L. Reininger     
00:00 h      Rauelsson + Grup d'Autoajuda     
00:00 h      Terry Lee Hale     
00:00 h      Ulan Bator
Friday, January 28 
Opal Hall. Free Entry
12:00 h            Mat Riviere
13:00 h            Ryan Driver & Castlemusic
14:00 h            DJ Coco
16:00 h            Hoquets
17:00 h            The R. G. Morrison
Theater Principal. Entry: 50€
00:00 h      Thurston Moore     
00:00 h      The Bitter Springs     
00:00 h      Vic Godard & Subway Sect     
00:00 h      Wooden Wand     
00:00 h      Shogun Kunitoki     
00:00 h      Lone Wolf
00:00 h Goldmund
00:00 h    Arthur & Yu
Saturday, January 29
Opal Hall. Free Entry
12:00 h            Jenny Hval
13:00 h            James Blackshaw
14:00 h            DJ Coco
16:00 h            Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou
17:00 h            O Emperor
Theater Principal. Entry: 50€
00:00 h      Triángulo de amor bizarro     
00:00 h      Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel     
00:00 h      Faust     
00:00 h      Xiu Xiu     
00:00 h      Nacho Umbert & La Compañía     
00:00 h      Dolorean     
00:00 h      Nick Garrie     
00:00 h      Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody
Sunday, January 30
Opal Hall. Free Entry
13:00 h            Directorsound
14:00 h            DJ PIAS
16:00 h            Napoleon IIIrd
17:00 h            Huntsville

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