Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Yevgeny Onegin at the Palace of the Arts Valencia

Russia, 1820. Garden Lodge Larina's widow, mother of the young Olga and Tatiana. The old nurse Filíppievna and Larin lament what they have been unfortunate in love. Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Olga and Tatiana, sing a romantic song. Peasants who back tired from work stop at the garden and encourage girls to his tunes. Larina offered some wine. Within this setting and romantic atmosphere, Olga is proud of its cheerful, carefree, and Tatiana lovingly complains that is as sentimental and is always immersed in reading and in thought. Olga is visited by her fiancé Lenski, who is accompanied by a friend and former neighbor, Onegin. This is presented to the two sisters. Tatiana is instantly in love with Onegin, is the man who had always dreamed of.

At night, Tatiana, in the privacy and quiet of your room, write a heartfelt letter to Onegin in which he confesses his love for him and opens his heart. At dawn, the love girl, who has spent a sleepless night, Filíppievna entrusts the letter to do it discreetly get Onegin. A little later, Tatiana waits impatiently in the garden Onegin. Their hopes turn into disappointment when it arrives and rudely clear that he is not made for marriage, but thanks to the girl's deep love that he expressed. So begins this famous opera premiered at the Moscow Conservatory in 1879.

Place: Palace of the Arts Queen Sofia Valencia
Date: 22, 25, 28 and 30 January and 8 and February 11, 2011
Price: 15-135€

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