Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Call Valencia Fallas 2011 (Cridá)

The Fallera of Valencia , approaches the most anticipated day, where the doors of the towers of Serranos, will address all the Falleros, Valencia and visitors and make the call to the start of the festivities of  Fallas 2011. In this act the mayor of Valencia gave him the keys of the city's Fallera of Valencia and failures are about to begin.


07:30 h- Despertá - wake up
08:30 h - Final wakes up in the town square by the Pyrotechnics Valenciana of Llanera de Ranes.
12:45 h - VIII Input Bands, tour the Plaza of Virgen, Plaza of Reina, Miguelete street, San Vicente street, Rialto building, mail building, telephone building, ending at the Town Hall square.
13:55 h - Interpretation of the paso doble "El Fallero" by the band, led by director John Marian Alcazar.
14:00 h- Fireworks Mascletá by  Pyrotechnics Valencia (Town Square)

18:00 to 19:00 h - Orquesta Montecarlo to liven up the run-up call (Serrano towers)
20:00 - Handing over the keys to the Fellera of Valencia and address it. (Serrano towers)
At the end of fireworks and lighting effects by Pyrotechnics Valencia.

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