Thursday, 24 February 2011

III Festival Sixties Rock Weekend Castellón

 In its third year, the festival Sixties Rock Weekend Castellón paronama consolidated in the Spanish music as a platform for dissemination of sixties music and culture more relevant to our country.
Three days of concerts with twelve live performances by international groups, Spanish and local DJ sessions, film music, with a concentration Scooter and Minis and selling records and clothing, predict an intense weekend dedicated to the sixties culture.
Thursday March 3
21:00 h Doors open
21:10 h Opening of the festival and exhibitions
22:00 h Magic Dildoss (Castellón)
23:00 h The Dustaphonics (London)
01:00 h Allnighter
Friday March 4
21:00 h Doors open
22:00 h The Stolen Jackets (Castellón)
23:00 h Sweet Leef  (Vienna)
00:00 h The Attention (Vienna)
01:00 h Baby Woodrose (Copenhagen)
03:00 h Allnigther
Saturday March 5
11:00 h Concentration Scooter and Minis
12:00 h Neil Jung (Castellón)
13:00 h Departure Scooter and Ministry Concentration
14:00 h Arrival Concentration and Minis Scooter and snack in La Pacheca
20:00 h Doors open
20:10 h Cinema
21:00 h Small Jackets (Italy)
22:00 h The Confidents (Barcelona)
23:00 h Chico Boom (San Sebastian)
00:00 h The Jaybirds (Vienna)
01:00 h Imperial State Electric (Stockholm, Sweden)
03:00 h Allnighter

Location: Auditorium Conference Center Castellón
Date: 3,4 and 5 March 2011
Price: Thursday 10 € - Friday 25 € - Saturday 25 € / Three days 40 €

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