Wednesday, 9 February 2011

IX Festival VEO Valencia

The ninth edition of the VEO Festival (Valencia Open Scene) will be held from 16 to 27 February 2011. The city is once again preparing to host unique scenic proposals in which predominates the interdisciplinary language and use of unconventional public spaces.
The quizzical look and social concerns also have their place in the ninth edition of the VEO, whose motto is the object. Three foreign companies and a national account shows that focus on the reality from that point of view. The work of Hungarian playwright who lives in Holland, Edit Kaldor, whit the French company KTHA, Dutch Tuig and Valencia  Bambalina VEO 2011 the section dedicated to critical reflection.

Location: The city is the scenario:
Zircó Room, Room Matilde Salvador, Garden of the Hesperides, Laboratory of live art, Plaza del Pilar, Plaza de Patraix MUVIM, Theater The Musical,  Warehouse, IVAM, Las Naves , Cinema Babel, Garden of the Turia (section 9) , Room Ruzafa.
Date: From 16 to 27 February 2011
- Performances: 8 € Advance and 11 € during the festival. - Own production, Taxi: 11 € (single price)
- Audiovisual and The Movie Series 01: 4 € (single price)

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