Thursday, 17 March 2011

Garrick of Tricicle in the Theater Principal Alicante

David Garrick was a famous English comedian S.XVIII who, they say, doctors sent their depressed patients to regain the will to live ...
Since its first show, TRICICLE dismisses the public outside the theater. This personal contact allows them to meet face to face "the real reaction of the spectators, some complaining, others smile, many are grateful to them have made them forget their problems, others say they have come from situations depressed.
Among them always joked that his shows were so beneficial to health that one day would have to act white robes, well, that day has come: GARRICK is played by three scientists in white coats.
Experience in their own flesh the benefits of these three DOCTORS OF HUMOR.

Localitation: Theater Principal  Alicante
Date: March 23, 2011 to April 3, 2011
Price: 25.30 and 35€

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