Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ultra-endurance 6h Valencia

The ultra-endurance race "Ultra 6h. València", takes place on Sunday March 6, 2011, beginning at 9 am in the running track of the old  bed of the River Turia in Valencia. It consists of making the maximum distance for 6 h. The winners will be those individuals or teams can get more mileage.
The race will pass on a circuit of 3,000 feet, measured and topomètrica wheel, to be located on the athletics track of the old bed of the Turia River and environs, the test will be controlled by chip.
The proof is always in the same direction, a single point for entering and leaving the circuit, inside the tracks, where services will be located, medical area and rest area.

The circuit leaves the tracks through the door direcion marathon down the rugby field, off the rugby field turns around and returns to the slopes. 500 meters as tartan, 1100 meters as in adoquin and 1400 meters in compacted soil, 3000 m in total, a small rise and fall in and out of the track.

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