Friday, 1 April 2011

II Mostra of Cómic Valencia

Following the success of its first edition, Mostra Comic held again in the context of the Mostra de Valencia from 7 to 10 April. The Comic II, situated beside the cinemas Lys, will have stands, author signatures, meetings with national and international authors, panel discussions, etc..
Two artists will be in charge of Valencia this year to provide the public exhibitions. Salvador Larroca, will present "Superhero movie" which may be as well known as Superheroes Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X Men, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Elektra and Iron Man all have in common have been the subject of film adaptations and have been drawn at one time or another in his career by Salvador Larroca. And, moreover, Paco Roca, will showcase its latest work "The Draughtsman's winter." Larroca won the 2008 National Comic Award and been nominated for this year's awards Barcelona Comic Fair. This year has been the author of Comic Mostra poster.
Among the international presence, the meeting on Saturday April 9th ​​with Michael Lark, American cartoonist, who has worked for DC Comics Batman, Terminal City, Gotham Central and Legend of the Hawkman, and Marvel Comics in The Press, Captain America and Daredevil.

Mostra will also be at Comic Angelo Stano, graphic operator Dylan Dog, one of Europe's most sold comic books.
With regard to the national presence, Mostra Comics will feature the best artists of the current scene. Among them, the writer Antonio Altarriba and illustrator  Kim, both National Comic Award 2010 for the graphic novel "The art of flying." It will also be in Valencia Joaquín Reyes, actor and artist, who will present his first comic.

11:00 h: Opening of the shopping area stands
14:30 h: Closing stands
17:00 h: Opening of the shopping area stands
18:00 h:
Roundtable: "Valencia School of Comics."
Speakers: José Lanzón Piera, Arturo Rojas de la Cámara, Alberto Marcet Aparicio and Enrique Cerdán Fuentes
19:00 h: Presentation exposure Paco Roca ("Winter of the artist") at Fnac-Valencia
Meet Paco  Roca,  Rubén  Pellejero  and  Ramón  Boldú ("Three different ways of understanding the comic")
Moderator: Borja Crespo
20:15 h: "Ultrashow" with Miguel Noguera

11:00 h: Opening of the shopping area stands
11:00 h - 14:00 h "Do not feed the artist"
Attend a morning's work of comic artist Rubén Fernández ". In "Gnome"(Street Denia 12).
14:30 h: Closing stands
17:00 h: Opening of the shopping area stands
18:00 h: "Reflections of Repronto. Minchinela Meeting with Raul." Let's talk about popular culture "
Moderator: Borja Crespo
19:00 h: "OTAKU? SUCH? (Stories? Of? One? Otaku?)"
Meeting with Judas Arrieta
Moderator: Borja Crespo
18:30 h Signature of Authors
20:00 h: Meeting with Salvador Larroca
Moderators: Koldo Azpitarte and Borja Crespo
21:00 h: Closing stands

11:00 h: Opening of the shopping area stands
12:00 h Signature of Authors
12:00 h Round table: "Legends of European comics." Presentation of "Tex: Southern Gold."
Speakers: José Ortiz, Antonio Segura and Joseba Basalo (editor)
Moderator: Alvaro Pons
13:00 h Round table: "The comic and illustration in the digital age
Speakers: Alvaro Pons, Alberto Garcia Marcos ("Entrecomics"), Carlos Ciurana
(Gothan News "), Michael Perez (" The crook "), Gerard Miquel (APIV) Moderator: Daniel Bartual
13:30 h Signature of Authors
14:30 h: Closing stands
17:00 h Signature of Authors
17:00 h: Opening of the shopping area stands
17:00 h: Panel discussion: "Dead revivientes and bighead. Parody film and television. "
Speakers: Enrique Vegas, José Fonollosa
Moderators: Jorge Iván Argiz, Menéndez Germain
18:00 h Meeting with Joaquín Reyes and Juan Saez. "Let's talk about comics and humor."
Moderator: Manuel Bartual and Borja Crespo
19:00 h: Meeting with Michael Lark
Moderators: Jorge Iván Argiz, Menéndez Germain
20:00 h Panel: "Comics and black genre"
Speakers: Victor Santos, José Manuel Robledo & Marcial Toledano, Juan Diaz Canales
Moderator: Jorge Iván Argiz
21:00 h: Closing stands

11:00 h: Opening of the shopping area stands
14:30 h: Closing stands
17:00 h: Opening of the shopping area stands
18:30 h: Meeting with Angelo Stano ("Dylan Dog")
Moderators: Joseph and Jesus Huguet Basalo
19:30 h: Meeting with Kim and Antonio Altarriba (National Award 2010)
 Moderator: Borja Crespo
20:00 h: Closing stands

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