Wednesday, 13 April 2011

World Inline Cup 2011 Valencia

The test is carried out on 16 and 17 April in the same circuit test is celebrated world famous Formula 1.
On Saturday 16 will start the weekend at 14.00 hours with the inauguration, an event that will have great impact on the city. At 16.00 will be the turn of the displays of figure skating, inline hockey and freestyle, since Valencia has a large number of followers of the sport on wheels.
At 20.00 hours, will be the time to relax and party "Roller Disco" where everyone is invited.
The next day, and with the circuit ready recreational skaters, fitness and popular have their place in the XII Popular skated at 10.00. And at 11.00 come the highlight of the day with the marathon, half marathon and the World Inline Cup test
The latter competition is called Top Class, test that are required to participate all teams entered in the World Inline Cup for the ranking.

The President of the Valencian Federation D. Eloy Ramil, told the Spanish Federation of Skating "is a very important event and hard work. Anything moving in the speed skating is positive. Speed ​​is one of the most spectacular and colorful sports, so it's very positive to have events of this nature. All persons who wish to participate. We have three tests: popular skated with a share of approximately 2000 people, half marathon and marathon. Without prior experience, we believe there is a large participation, so it will be a success. "

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