Thursday, 26 May 2011

Beyond the bridge in the Theatre Flumen Valencia

Men and women: They slopes of the little details everyday and they pay attention to the breasts of others. Where a man sees a chance to fuck a woman usually finds a relationship that can lead to happiness.
The protagonists of Beyond the bridge are real freaks love. They meet at the very moment that their lives are shown to the brink. The last train ride that crashes decide the conditions that decide to self-imposed and that will eventually undermine your relationship, simply because what unites them are the remains of a shipwreck with which it is difficult to build something new and free from hindrances of the past.
Builds on these remains a love story with a good dose of comedy and a touch of bitterness. The dialogues flow between mistakes and play the most absurd show of love.
A portrait of the deepest feelings that motivate men and women. An experience that probably will challenge our view of the motor that spins the world: Love For the love when they die killing because killing loves never die.

Theatre Flumen Valencia
Date: From 3 to 12 June 2011
Price: 18 €

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