Monday, 23 May 2011

Concert Luis Eduardo Aute in the Palace of Music Valencia

On May 28, 2011, Luis Eduardo Aute perform songs from their latest album: Intemperie. It's been 42 years since he published his first LP and his musical career includes 32 albums, a great and inspiring book, full of songs embedded in our living memory. Within this path, Intemperie is one of the greatest albums of Luis Eduardo Aute.
It's a long album with 14 songs by Aute reflected in all guidelines that have marked his music for more than four decades. Weather is an album with a tremendous critical load, bathed in skepticism, despair, lyricism, doubt, paradox, literary and film references, symbolism ... And as always, covering different musical styles, with lyrics hard, clean and inspiring and is a new proof that Luis Eduardo Aute is one of the best authors, performers who gave the spanish popular music in history.
With a warm voice and nuanced, capable of expressing the hardest word as gently, Luis Eduardo Aute demonstrate again that is the most critical of critics, always lucid in his vision of the world, with a good dose of disappointment and abandonment but always depositing a ray of hope in the person as an individual and feeling like a balm.

Localitation: Palace of Music Valencia
Date: 28 may 2011
Price: 25-33€

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