Friday, 20 May 2011

Rococó Bananas in the Theatre Flumen Valencia

Rococo Bananas is a musical clown show in the great tradition of the baroque, bizarre and insane tempo where juggling, falls, blows and the pieces follow each other with a frantic pace. Its a bad humor oozing sweet milk, a game with surrealism, puns, the settings of action impossible.
Music is the common thread throughout the show, played with instruments so curious and Dukes as a musical saw, a stubby bass, concertina, bandoneon and ukuleles, musical fingers and also a souped-up convertible piano on a small stage ...
Lyrical moments are mixed with bizarre situations in a sequence of numbers that go beyond the language barrier.

Location: Theatre Flumen Valencia
Date: From 27 to 29 May 2011
Price: 15 € (Sunday at 12pm, 10 €)

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