Thursday, 2 June 2011

Millesime Weekend Valencia 2011

With an impressive staging, together with the main restaurants in our country, world cuisine, the finest gourmet products, wines from the best wineries, spirits and amazing cocktails, a variety of beers ...
This allows for a truly exceptional travel, enjoying the best cuisine of the moment without leaving a single space.
We also want Millesime Weekend is a celebration for all, where you can taste many dishes. So the restaurants and products present, offer small portions at affordable prices for every pocket.
But not only tastings, also Millesime Weekend will give us the oppurtunity to learn more about wine products, spirits, recipes ... through the various dining rooms, which will be directed by the top chefs and specialists.

You'll find:

32 Restaurants
32 Wineries
32 Gourmet Delights
16 Areas of beer
6 Bar Drinks
12 Desktop Delights
Tasting Square

Localitation: Feria Valencia (Hall 5)
Date: 9, 10, 11 and 12 June 2011
Hours: 12:00 h to 17:00 h and 20:00 h to 01:00 h
(Thursday only at night and Sunday morning only)
Price: 10 € (€ 5 will be given in domestic currency for drinks)

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