Tuesday, 28 June 2011

XIII Trophy of Queen Sailing in Valencia

The Real Club Nautico of Valencia held for twenty years the XIII Trophy of Queen. This is one of the most important sailing events in the country in which they competed all class boats Cruise, monotypes as Tp 52, GP42, Platú 25, One Design X-35 and X-41. This race has always had the support of HM The Queen, the Royal Family and the highest ranking of the Spanish Armada.
In its latest edition, the Trophy with the participation of 128 boats that raced in three race areas. Finally, the 'CAM', the Olympic champions Fernando León and Kiko Sánchez Luna, was proclaimed victor in RI 0, the star of the class competition.

Trophy The Queen will be played in three race areas: Alpha. Bravo and Charlie. Leaving the Real Club Nautico de Valencia, Charlie the field will be located, which haggle Platu 25, just off the beach Pinedo.
In the Alpha, located between the beaches of Pinedo and El Saler.
Finally, the Bravo will be located on the beach of El Saler, up to the Hotel Sidi Saler.
For all classes have been established two types of travel, one of four stages ending in downwind and one ending over five sections on the windward side. The performance of either will be decided by the Race Committee before the warning signal for each test. Finally, craft RI Club and toured coastal classic novel in the same area.

Location:  Real Club Nautico of Valencia
Date: 1 to 3 July, 2011

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