Thursday, 9 June 2011

XXVI CinemaJove: Intenational Film Festival in Valencia

We arrived at the twenty-sixth edition of Cinema Jove on two fundamental supports: first, the endorsement of the twenty-five years, years in the development, consolidation and prestige have marked the history of the festival, on the other, consciousness of living an unstoppable revolution in the field of communication that is affecting all walks of life, including how to understand the relations, and film is not (can not, should not be) the absence of any esto.Por this, Cinema Jove has initiated steps to incorporate the use of new technologies with the help and advice from our partners in this adventure, dynamic social networking, online broadcasts, filming with mobile workshops, film arose in the networks, presence of film composers who enter the field with success in the game, and reflections on the field that opens Internet film distribution will have major importance in this issue.

In the section on feature films, six debut concur in the Official Selection of films as a reflection of interest for more than a quarter century shows the Festival to promising young film. The crisis of values, social realities of contemporary warfare, the world's eyes from childhood and adolescence or lack of freedoms, are among the issues addressed by the films presented.

Above Us Only Sky by Jan Schomburg  (Germany)
Un posison violent by Katell Quillévéré (Ivory Coast)
Here by Braden King (USA)
Erratum by Marek Lechki  (Poland)
Silver Forest by Christine Repond (Switzerland)
Dog Sweat by Hossein Keshavarz  (Iran)

Official Selection of Short Films this year welcomed 57 work of national and international markets that excel in the variety of genres that are inscribed: Thriller, comedy, science fiction, experimental film, animation and even the genre.

General admission  2,5€
Bonds 10 entries 12€
Festival Catalogue  10€

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