Monday, 18 July 2011

Concert Juanes in Gandia (Valencia)

"P.A.R.C.E", the fifth album of his career, Juanes shows a full social concerns, evident in songs like "Quimera" where he talks about the world situation. In "Segovia," Juanes recalls the killing of the Colombian people, assuring everyone that this night never will be forgotten, through his music are alive. We also see a facet of a man who has found inner peace that only experience and experiences can be achieved. "La razon" is a song of love to their children while "Lo Nuestro" is a statement open heart to his wife reminding him that "is the love more beautiful and natural I have, forget the past ...." Of course, as is typical of Juanes we find issues occurring in the line of "La Camisa Negra", this time with the theme "Regalito"

Location: Falkata Arena, Gandia (Valencia)
Date: July 23, 2011
Price: 30 €

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