Friday, 8 July 2011

FIB: Festival International Benicássim 2011 (Castellón)

Cities can be born a thousand times, rebuilt from the ashes and re-invented from the imagination. The reborn Benicàssim, which we know today owes much to its sun and beaches such as Oasis and Leonard Cohen, both to its unique terrain, dotted with caves, cliffs and chasms, like the magic of Björk or the howl of Jon Spencer, both in the desert of Las Palmas and the Festival Concert Hall. Today Benicàssim not be understood without FIB.
Benicàssim has been a city of the fruit of his troubled past Mediterranean location; refuge of pirates and smugglers first, second home later and magical city since 1995, during a week of summer thanks to FIB. Located in the heart of the Costa del Azahar has everything you need a modern resort town that visitors feel comfortable and can fully enjoy the environment, climate, food, sports, beach and of course , music. A reborn city that overlooks the Mediterranean proud of a present that has redefined its geographical coordinates.

FIB allows you to live a complete experience: eight days of free camping in a carefully attached to the concert hall, which, in addition to rest, enables interaction with young people from around the world with whom to share concerns. Four intense days of concerts, a whole week of extra-musical activities and one of the nicest beaches in Europe where you can relax sunbathing or swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.



Location: Benicassim (Castellon)
Date: From 14 to July 17, 2011

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