Friday, 1 July 2011

LXXIII International Fashion Fair Child and Young in Feria Valencia

Fashion Fair Children and Youth (FIMI) will host in its 73 edition a greater number of exhibitors, which has led to an expansion of exhibition space in Hall 6. The specialization of the tenders, in clothing, shoes, communion and ceremony, the space of independent creators and See Me living tissue has attracted new businesses and children's fashion brands that do not want to miss next race FIMI, dedicated to the Spring / Summer 2012

Friday 1 July 11:00h.     Parade 13 + Gold Pin
Parade 13:
Bobux, Boss, Cerda, Converse, Crocs, Diesel, Fisher & Younger, Gioseppo, Hispanitas Child, Monta Soccer, Timberland, Wag Boys, Energie
Oh Soleil, Cóndor, Mim-Pi, Monta Soccer, Paglie, Tuc Tuc, Oca Loca Kids Shoes, Tumble& Dry, Bóboli
Friday 1 July 13:00h.     Parade 13 + Seda
Parade 13:
3zue, Art , Crio’s / Petit Shoes, Cuquito, Dechics, El Naturalista, Lea Lelo&Susana Mazzarino, Leon Shoes, Mariceli, Miss Sixty, Ponti, Ria, Tny-Tinny Shoes
Barcarola, Pan Con Chocolate, Lea Lelo & Susana Mazzarino, Lourdes, Dnk, Boss, Timberland, Laranjhina, Elisa Menuts, Larrana, N+V
Friday 1 July 16:00h.     Parade C (Comunión y Ceremonia)
3zue, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Amaya, Ana Cludia By Maria Alegria, Azul Y Rosa, Barcarola, Beatriz Montero, Boss, Capras, Carbone, Carmen Varona, Charo Ruiz Kids, Creaciones Charo, Creacones Rosa Mari, Cuini, De Los Angeles, Elena Rubio, Hannibal Laguna, Higinio Mateu, Javier Larrainzar, Katemack, Kiriki, Kobez, Larrana, Miquel Suay, No Sin Valentina, Olacaracola Confecciones, Pamela, Pretty Originals, Rochy, Roinsal, Rubio Kids By Hortensia Maeso, Siena, Sprint 012.
Friday 1 July 17:00h.     Parade Warm Fashion
Antonio Sangoo, Barquito de Papel, Elena Rubio, Rosa La Cave Moda Infantil
Saturday 2 July:
11:00h. PARADE 13 + GOLD PIN
13:00h. PARADE 13 + SEDA

Location: Feria Valencia
Date: 1,2 and 3 July 2011

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