Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Trophy Festa d´Elx: Elche C.F. - Villarreal C.F.

Elche C.F. and Villarreal C.F. played on Wednesday August 10 from 19 hours one of the classic summer trophy of Spain, the LII edition of Festa d'Elx Trophy. Villarreal C.F. played for the second time in its history this trophy, while the elche has participated in 51 editions. The Villarreal seek to win their second Festa d'Elx, Elche try while the twenty-seventh clinch trophy. Elche partners will have free access to the meeting.

10/08/2011 Elche C.F. 0 : 2 Villarreal C.F.
Time: 19:00h
Goals: 0-1 Zapata (Min.45), 0-2 Marcos Gullón (Min.89)

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