Thursday, 3 February 2011

Comedy Gala Jospital y Tal in Valencia Olympia Theatre

A gala mood with the participation of many artists. All together in an unforgettable spectacle.
Only a unique and unrepeatable. 100 minutes of fun and surprises.
With the participation of: Instantaneo Theatre, Oscar Tramoyeres, Silvia Valero, Jesus Manzano, Pablo Carrascosa, Mary John, Barbara Lara, Rafael Alarcón, María Minaya ...
And some snippets of live performances that will soon be in the Circuit: RAMON GUAMA, DARIO PIERA, MARTELACHE, PEDRO HERRERO and JUAN CARLOS CORDOBA
Jospital y Tal returns, chapter3. This time the Jospital is transformed into a mental hospital where patients have taken over the situation. Anything is possible ...
A unique opportunity to see all these comedians together.

Venue: Olympia Theatre Valencia
Date: February 11, 2011
12€ (first floor) and 14€ (patio and patio boxes)
VIP tickets 18€ (in Palco and drink included). Sales office only circuit

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