Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Fiecval XVII Horse Fair Valencia

International Horse Fair of Valencia, from 31 March to 3 April in Valencia Fair. Again be the meeting point for farmers and horse enthusiasts of the world from Spain and the rest of Europe, as the event will host the second edition of the European Championship in Spanish purebred horses.
The organization also provides a massive influx of people attracted by the numerous family shows and equestrian events which will provide the fair.
Likewise host FIECVAL morphologic and dressage, dressage denim, plus competitions and exhibitions Equestrian Tourism Western Riding.
The public can also enjoy exhibitions of photography, painting and design of equestrian theme and explore the extensive grazing areas, with numerous specimens of pure bred for sale and commercial area with all kinds of items related to the equestrian world .
But the highlight of the event for the public are not fond of the displays day and night shows where the best riders of the most prestigious equestrian centers offer Valencia wearing gaudy numbers accompanied by colorful costumes and spectacular choreography of lights and music.
This year's show entitled "Sensation", and aims to make the audience feel. "That will stop moving for a few hours to a world full of sensations, joys and laughter, of tenderness and beauty, dreams and magic, emotion and suspense ... the way that horses can transmit only" say the makers.
With a wide array of lights and music, the show will include different "feelings" with the only common denominator of the horse, as the joy of humorous numbers, the suspense of "Hunting dogs" and the harmony of "Passing on two. " The public also will travel to the past with "The Hunt", will engage the "Tandem", sigh with "The Rejoneo" delights in "Tango" and again enjoy a veteran of the show, "The classic."
For their part, producers and fans of the equestrian world with all its expectations for the second edition of the European Championship in Spanish purebred horses, which last year won a Spanish copy, Nero II, mare Barcelona Can Maynard .

Localitation: Feria Valencia
Date: March 31 to April 3, 2011
Thursday: 8€ Adults and 3€ Children
Friday: 12€  Adults and 5€ Children
Saturday and Sunday: 15€ Adults and 6€ Children

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