Tuesday, 22 March 2011

VII Race Valencia Women " Central Lechera Asturiana" 2011

On April 10, 2011 in the city of Valencia, from 10:00 hours. The maximum time to complete the course will be 1 hour and 15 minutes. The registration fee is 7 €. (+ 0.60 € if registration is done online, by way of bank commission).
The distance is 5 kilometers, fast enough for the most prepared and very easy for beginners. In addition we encourage you all to inscribáis you do not do sport but an ongoing, because it can safely walk, as there are more than enough time, and I bet all still going slow does not take more than an hour to reach goal.
Plus you'll keep coming back to run with whoever you want, because you have team categories, so that nobody has an excuse easy (try to team up with your mother, your sister, your mother, grandmother, or why not, with your mates work, gym, athletic club, an association of women, etc ...) because when you reach the goal no one is going home, because you wait an hour of aerobics with the best coaches and teachers of the FEDA (Spanish Federation of Aerobics and Fitness).

Departure: Center Mall Nuevo Centro in front of the building of El Corte Inglés, Avda Pío XII.
Goal: Track Athletics Stadium Turia.


Individual categories:
- Absolute
- 12 to 15 years
- 16 to 19 years
- Senior: 20 to 34 years
- Veterans A (35 to 44 years)
- Veterans B (45 to 54 years)
- Veterans C (55 to 64)
- Veteran D (65 to 74 years)
- Veterans E (75 and over)
- Mothers
- Granny
Team categories:
- 3 sisters
- 2 sisters
- 2 sisters
- Mother and daughter
- Mother and 2 daughters
- Aunt and niece
- Domestic Partnership / Marriage
- Grandmother, mother and granddaughter
- Mother in Law and Daughter
- Fitness and Athletics Club (teams of 3 women)
- Companies (teams of 3 women)
- Teaching Institutions (At least 6 runners)
- Women's Associations (Association Trophy for most finishes)
Points of entry:
- On the web www.carreradelamujer.com
- Center El Corte Ingles: Ademuz, Nuevo Centro, Pintor Sorolla, Colón 1 and Avenida de Francia, and the Centers of El Corte Inglés Castellón, Alicante and Elche.

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