Monday, 25 April 2011

Brothers Dance in Theatre Flumen Valencia

A wall graffiti of any street is the setting for a duel under exceptional night. Three urban tribes and three styles of dance face, body and soul. Rhythm, passion and parody defined as vibrant as an unpredictable show where the disciplines are exchanged with mastery. Flamenco, hip hop and tap. If dancing is a sign of identity, Ball Brothers bridges cultures and breaks down barriers. Gypsies, rappers and other street dancers know each other through the challenge to understand that share similar fate, wandering and magical. Tacked by a jargon-laden dialogue that arouses laughter and surprise from beginning to end, the dance numbers happen with more intensity each ignited by percussion. The public just six hustler love with unparalleled talent laugh each other and also themselves. And disagreements to a final ecstasy which mixes styles and people. Undoubtedly reflects Brothers Dance offender and maverick spirit of its creator Raul Ortega.

Location: Valencia Flumen Theatre
Date: from 29 April 29 to 1 May 2011
Price: 18 €

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