Monday, 4 April 2011

The Great Depression in the Olympia Theater Valencia

Marta and Elena two women in their fifties who after living a long and close friendship, life and perhaps know too much, ended up separating. Their personalities are obviously antagonists: Elena is a woman who spent his youth studying and foundations for their own independence, but her love life has been a disaster and actually follow one, while Martha, attractive and less intellectual capacity but talented vital, has managed to always find men of power to keep it and has enjoyed a more affluent, easy existence.
The two women, together after years of separation, review their lives, their failures and loneliness, showing, in scathing and funny dialogues, their fears, their wisdom and their contradictions life: everything that the dramatic differences but paradoxically has led similar circumstances.
During the function, through several turning points, their personalities will be alternating in the roles of victim and executioner, but also we will discover that the distress call from Martha, actually had other intentions ...

Localitation: Theater Olympia Valencia
Date: From 6 to April 24, 2011
Price: 19 to 25 €

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