Monday, 8 August 2011

Born to be Wild in the Hemisferic Valencia (CAC)

With an ecologist message of the need to preserve species "Born to be Wild" invites spectators on a trip round such spectacular sights as the jungles of Borneo and the savannah of Kenya.
This grand format IMAX production is based on the stories of orphan elephants and orang-utans in order to show the link that is created between humans and animals, and, how, thanks to the devotion of certain individuals, these animals have been rescued, so saving endangered species.
These incredible and vulnerable creatures embark on a tour with experts, whose main objective is to save and return to Mother Nature. The distinguished primatologist Biruté Mary Galdikas runs the rain forest of Borneo, while Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick, an expert on elephants, rescue one by one the babies of the giant mammals in Kenya.

The head of the music of the film is Mark Mothersbaugnh, singer of the rock band Devo that has set more than 70 films and television projects to music. The stunning images captured by Linckley in Born to be wild with a maximum field of view combined with the experience of the director in more than 30 films about nature, result in one of the most incredible experiences of immersion in the cinema. It is also a unique opportunity to reflect on the human impact on nature. This family documentary will transport spectators around the world to Kenya and Borneo being witnesses in the first line of how to take action to save these beautiful creatures on earth.
During the proyection they'll give you headphones, so you can choose the language of the narration in Spanish, Valencian, English and French or Italian.

Location: Hemisferic CAC Valencia
Price: 7.70€

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